You Sell we Ship

We providing full-cycle logistic services and perform as FBA / FBM prep service for Amazon in Sweden

Receive & Inspect

We transport and receive your products.
You deliver or we pick up your products and transport them to our warehouse

Ship to Amazon

Shipping to Amazon warehouse within 2-3 business days


We take care of the packaging
We check, package, and label every article according to Amazon standards. All damaged products and defects are communicated immediately

Warehouse services

Processing of standard size products without additional packing
receiving, visual inspection, labeling, packaging and shipping

20-999 1Euro/unit
Processing of Small and Light products without additional packing
receiving, visual inspection, labeling, packaging and shipping
Bundle/set of 2 units

Additional unit to bundle/set
1Euro/per bundle/set
Additional packing
bubblewrap, poly bag etc
FBM service (Fulfillment By Merchant) – shipping to customer *minimum 300 items per month1Euro*/unit +shipping price
Repacking7Euro per box
Forwarding and returns
shipping the box without opening and processing / returning the products to the supplier
5Euro per box
Removal processing
receiving, inspection, status report. By prior agreement
Amazon returns
Product testing

Additional services
by prior agreement
All prices are inclusive of VAT Sweden Tax

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    What is Prep warehouse for Amazon? How does it work?

    Living in a modern age makes things more reliable towards technology. New methods have been employed in business to achieve high promotions in your work. FBA prep is also the product of modern services.

    It is the process that helps in getting your inventory and make them ready to send to Amazon. FBA prep services mainly centralized their focus on the packaging and labeling of goods.

    Sometimes, goods importing sellers, also include the inspection of items in this service. FBA Prep Sweden helps to provide quality service to all Amazon merchants.

    • FBA Prep

    As an Amazon merchant, do you want to enhance your business with new opportunities? FBA Prep Sweden is proper to start with. Fulfillment by Amazon is the best offer for Amazon sellers.

    This service helps the sellers by letting them free time to focus on the growth of the business by taking a good deal of work from their hands. FBA service mainly focuses on the packaging and labeling of the products.

    Packing requirements are really strict and may cause a delay in delivery which in turn can cause money lost to you. FBA prep provides three possibilities: doing it on your own, paying amazon to handle it, and taking the help of an expert company.

    • Choosing the Effective FBA Prep Service

    Amazon FBA has set a range of strict rules for product shipping. Handling all the prepping on your own is possible, but it causes extra trouble and time to you when orders are piling up. Choosing the right prep service is very important to enhance your business.

    Getting help from the experts regarding this is very helpful and essential. FBA Prep Sweden is full of experts ready to take your workload and spare you unnecessary business expenses. Our experts prevent you from spending extra time checking the labeling and packaging of your inventory.

    How does it Work?

    Choosing the FBA prep services is solely up to you. Handling everything by yourself is tempting and satisfactory too, in a way.

    But as your business started to scale up, it becomes a bit tough to keep up with all the strict rules of Amazon, taking the help of a company is also depends on your economic choice.

    As your business starts to scale up, you end up handling more inventory. This ultimately leads up to lease a warehouse and let people handle the packaging and labeling of the items.

    FBA Prep Sweden is a trustworthy choice of many Amazon sellers around the globe.

    This could help you by taking care of your prep and ship process. FBA Prep Sweden allows you to grow the productivity of your business by expanding your selling, purchasing, and marketing. This is only possible if you acquire the help of trustworthy experts.

    We provide a complete set of prep, pack, and ship solutions to you, which will help you gain more confidence in your business.